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La Academia Tango Club

La Academia Tango Club is a community of orchestras.

Over a 100 people group together to learn Tango where it was created.

Our orchestras develop professionally with weekly presentations in Buenos Aires and national and international tours.

La Academia Tango Club also offers workshops, courses and seminars given by the most important tango musicians.

7 Tippical Orchestras + 1 Guitars Orchestra

Learn with the tango masters

Our community open its doors

Orquesta Típica Barricada

la academia tango club

Orquesta Típica Enroque

la academia tango club

Filas Preparatorias

la academia tango club

Courses, workshops and seminars


rodolfo roballos
Rodolfo Roballos
Director General
soledad grigera
Soledad Grigera
Directora de Cuerdas,Orquesta Típica y Filas.
rodolfo mederos
Rodolfo Mederos
Director Honorario
fernando quena taborda
Fernando ``Quena`` Taborda
Director de Orquesta Típica y Filas
miguel caragliano
Miguel Caragliano
Director de Orquesta Típica y Filas
manuel villar lifac
Manuel Villar Lifac
Director de Orquesta Típica y Filas
sebastian zambrana
Sebastián Zambrana
Director de Orquesta de Guitarras
betiana possetti
Betiana Possetti
Directora de Filas
julian macrino
Julian Macrino
Director de Filas
federico demarchi
Federico Demarchi
Director de Filas de Guitarras
facundo ortiz
Facundo Ortiz
Director de Filas Preparatorias
Cynthia Atienzo
Cynthia Atienzo
Directora de Filas Preparatorias
federico niebuhr
Federico Niebuhr


  • Start at one of our orchestras or practice rehearsals
  • Inscription to courses or seminars
  • Purchase your ticket or reservation for our presentations
  • Hiring one of our orchestras.
Avenida Velez Sarfield 222, CABA - Chau Che Clú

(+549) 11.4521.5547

    la academia tango club